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The houses at Whitefield Hall, boast an A3 Energy rating. Homes with an A3 rating are the most energy efficient houses available and incorporate the latest sustainable and renewable technology resulting in lower energy costs. Homes at Whitefield Hall are constructed to the highest quality standards and will benefit from the following:
  • High level of Insulation reducing heat loss through floors, walls and roof.
  • Improved air tightness which works to retain heat by limiting the impact of uncontrolled outside air permitting the house.
  • Air to water heat pump, a proven renewable heating device to save on fuel bills and to reduce CO2 emissions, the heat pump provides an all-in-one heating and hot water solution.
  • The system design incorporates multi zone controls to ensure room temperatures are maintained at the required levels and no energy is wasted.
  • High performance, low maintenance double glazed windows with a three point locking security system.
All the above components ensure your new home at Whitefield Hall will have superb energy efficiency, lower energy usage, reduced bills and higher levels of comfort.